Clean Boilers For Weatherization

IMG_5099The  New York State Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) requires all heating contractors who want to bid on any major heating system upgrade or replacement work in a multifamily building within downstate region to comply with Clean Boilers requirements as defined in the WAP Program and Policy Manual (PPM).  Under these rules, a contractor must appear on the master list of approved Clean Boilers contractors in order to bid on heating jobs in multifamily buildings.

WAP subgrantees in the downstate region choose contractors from the current year’s Clean Boilers list (sent to them by AEA) to include on their bidders’ lists for heating work. AEA sends these same contractors a list of all WAP subgrantees requiring heating-system upgrade and/or replacement work in multifamily buildings.  Each heating contractor is responsible to contact each WAP subgrantee agency on whose projects the contractor would like to bid to request that his/her company be placed on that subgrantee’s qualified bidders list.

How can my contracting firm become a Clean Boilers Contractor in New York State?

  • Contact AEA for a qualification form, complete it, and submit it to AEA.
  • Attend a Clean Boilers orientation session. This class is typically held in September.
    • Contractor eligibility is for one year (October 1 to September 30) only.
    • In order to remain on the master list, every contractor must attend the orientation session each year.

Once your firm has been accepted onto the list,

  • Be sure to contact the WAP subgrantees  for whom you would like to do work, to get on their bidders’ lists.
  • Subgrantees need to ensure they have enough bids for each project to make a competitive procurement. To keep your position on their lists, do respond to bid opportunities that interest you, and let them know if you will not be bidding.
  • Adhere to WAP rules, participate as required in evaluations of projects you work on, and insure that all completed projects comply with all programmatic and code requirements.
  • Attend annual orientations and maintain all documentation up-to-date.

To locate a qualified Clean Boilers Contractor, download the 2017 – 2018 Clean Boiler Contractors List.

To become a Clean Boilers contractor, please contact Diane Gonzalez at or call 718.292.6733, ext. 8023 by mid-late summer.  Be sure to identify yourself as a contractor.


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