April 22, 2013 Contact: Damaris Moné
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Office: 718.292.6733 ext. 8027

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AEA is awarded IREC accreditation for

Residential Energy Auditor Training Program

The Association for Energy Affordability has been accredited by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) for its Residential Energy Auditor Training program designed to prepare candidates for the new national certification from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Residential Energy Auditing.


The new certification is one of four (energy auditor, retrofit installer, crew leader and quality control inspector) recently developed by a national team of subject matter experts led by NREL for the US Department of Energy (DOE). These new worker certifications are a part of a comprehensive DOE initiative to provide national guidelines for Home Energy Professionals, which include a broad range of industry tools and resources to ensure high quality in the energy efficiency workforce.


“AEA trainers are doers as well as teachers,” said AEA Executive Director David Hepinstall.  “The inspectors commended the depth and breadth of AEA’s engagement with the energy efficiency industry and extensive experience implementing its mission of making buildings energy efficient.”


An important component of the new certification and workforce development framework spearheaded by DOE is the accreditation of training centers that prepare energy efficiency workers for certification as well as on-going professional skills development. In 2011, DOE selected IREC as the credentialing body that would assess weatherization training centers offering courses in one or more of the NREL worker certification tracks.  The accreditation process essentially requires each training organization to review and hold up its curriculum, training materials, trainer qualifications, facilities, testing methods, work processes, and quality management systems for scrutiny against the international ISPQ training standard owned and administered by IREC.


Anna Sullivan, AEA’s Director of Curriculum Development and Accreditation, said “The IREC ISPQ standard was the perfect tool for us to critically assess and refine our training programs and our broader processes as a training center. Attaining this accreditation sends a strong signal to our staff and students that AEA is committed to ensuring high quality at every level of our business.”


“Our trainers keep current with advanced standards and methods in areas like passive house construction techniques and commercial air barriers, raising the bar to drive the industry to achieve even greater energy savings,” stated Adam Romano, Director of Training Operations at AEA.


AEA Media Production Director Edward Wheeler was glad for the “rare opportunity the inspection visit gave AEA staff to share with highly discerning professionals what we’ve accomplished, and what we have planned for the future using 3-D modeling and animation and interactive high definition video.  It was exciting to let them see for themselves the impact this has on learning in the classroom.”



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