AEA Tech Insight: Ventilating High Performance Buildings: HRVs and ERVs

Ventilating High Performance Buildings: HRVs and ERVs High performance buildings of all shapes and sizes are increasingly prevalent in today’s construction and renovation market. With high performance there comes the need to provide adequate and efficient mechanical ventilation in these buildings, and the old ventilation strategies and systems of the past are not going to […]


  AEA’s executive director, David Hepinstall, was presented with ACI’s Linda Wigington Leadership Award at the Affordable Comfort Conference in Detroit in April. This award comes after 5 years of intense AEA contributions to initiatives of the US Department of Energy and the national labs to develop, and gain broad acceptance of, uniform national guidelines, […]

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Gas pipe leaks, a hidden danger in residential buildings

Natural gas is currently a low cost source of energy used to provide heat and domestic hot water to small homes and multifamily dwellings. Considering it’s wide spread use in residential applications, gas has a relatively good safety record. However, this winter due to the unusually cold weather and subjected to extremes of expansion and […]

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AEA’s best kept secret … Custom Courses

We are a learning organization and we seek to support learning in organizations that perform all kinds of work in support of our energy efficiency mission. As part of this commitment we develop custom courses for the employees or clients including energy service providers, property management firms, real estate owners, workforce development organizations, utilities and others. […]

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AEA Trainer Close-up: Gerald Abt

Opportunities to reduce operating costs for owners and make life easier for supers of multifamily buildings motivate Gerald Abt to deliver quality energy audit and retro-commissioning services for AEA’s clients. Plus, it just drives Gerald crazy to see buildings waste energy! Especially when the remedy is often so simple and inexpensive. One step that often […]

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