About Us


Our Mission: Energy Affordability

Energy efficient buildings are our specialty—

Affordable housing is our priority

The Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. is dedicated to achieving energy efficiency in new and existing buildings in order to foster and maintain affordable and healthy housing and communities, especially those of low-income.  AEA representatives engage in a broad range of educational, technical and construction management activities and services to promote this mission and develop the industry that advances and sustains it.

Who We Are

A talented staff with an uncommon breadth of experience

A shared passion for our chosen field

We are engineers, energy auditors, construction project managers, field technicians, and quality control inspectors.

We are energy efficiency program managers, marketers, account managers, and outreach workers.

We are planners and designers working with building design teams to create greener, healthier communities.

We are managers who oversee procurement of construction services and installers of energy efficiency measures.

We are researchers and developers of new technology to enhance the efficiency and productivity of building systems.

We are skilled and experienced trainers, adult educators, and workforce developers dedicated to sharing our knowledge and our passion for energy efficiency and sustainable development.

We are your full service, expert resource for energy efficient buildings.

What We Do

A full range of services for building energy efficiency

Backed by a mission-driven, nonprofit culture

Energy Audits, Green Building Design for New Construction and Existing Buildings

The Association for Energy Affordability is a leading provider of technical services for energy efficiency in buildings.  AEA’s services include energy audits, modeling, project work scope and specification development, construction management, benchmarking and energy usage monitoring, and green building design services for high performance new construction.

Energy Efficiency Program Design and Implementation

Beginning in the early 1990s, AEA has provided training, program design, and implementation services for Weatherization, utility and NYSERDA-funded energy-efficiency programs – including serving as both a technical services provider and direct services subgrantee for the Weatherization Assistance Program in New York State.  AEA has been involved in a number of research and development projects.  AEA serves residential and commercial properties, but specializes in delivering energy efficiency to multifamily properties, including affordable housing.


Weatherization.  A US Department of Energy-funded National Weatherization Training Center, AEA has long been a DOE-recognized training and technical services provider for Weatherization in New York, serving a network of Weatherization partners in the greater New York City region.

Distance Learning.  AEA’s Connected Classroom is a network of Weatherization Training Centers delivering multifamily weatherization training via our high-definition, interactive distance learning platform.  Connected Classroom courses are available at AEA sites in both New York and California and at the locations of its Weatherization training partners across the US.

Industry certifications.  A long-standing Building Performance Institute affiliate and test center, AEA offers over 50 courses for building performance professionals, energy efficiency technical and program staff, installers, weatherization workers, and green job seekers.  Many of these courses prepare trainees for key industry certifications from BPI, the Air Barrier Association of America, US Green Building Council, PassivHaus Institut and others.

National Leadership and Policy Impact

An early affiliate of the Building Performance Institute, AEA was the Market Lead for the Department of Energy’s Multifamily Standard Work Specifications development process, working in conjunction with Advanced Energy, NREL and DOE. AEA also chaired a Working Group established by BPI’s Standards Management Board to develop a Multifamily Energy Auditing standard, updating the existing Multifamily Building Analyst standard and preparing the standard for the ANSI process. AEA is recognized as one of the foremost advocates for multifamily energy efficiency across the United States.  AEA is the organizer of the Multifamily Buildings Conference series, which have drawn attendees from across North America for intensive technical and programmatic sessions on delivering energy efficiency in multifamily buildings. In addition to fostering professional growth for those working in our industry, the conference has provided the impetus for key initiatives such as the EPA’s Energy Star designation for New Multifamily High-Rise Buildings, launched in August, 2011.


AEA operates is headquartered in New York City with its main office and Energy Management Training Center  in the Bronx. We  host classes in other locations by pre-arrangement.  In California, AEA has offices and training facilities in Emeryville, at the crossroads of San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.  


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