EA-QUIP Multifamily Building Energy Modeling Tool

ea-quip LOGOEA-QUIP is an internet-based energy modeling tool to support energy auditing and work scope development for existing multifamily buildings. EA-QUIP has been approved by the US Department of Energy (DOE) for use by weatherization agencies to audit multifamily buildings, defined by DOE as buildings containing 5 or more residential units. States wishing to use EA-QUIP for energy audits of multifamily buildings should submit their request to the Department of Energy. EA-QUIP is most often used by energy professionals in states with heating climates that include centrally heated buildings that have 2-3 stories or more. EA-QUIP licensing and technical support is available from the Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. (AEA). EA-QUIP is located at www.ea-quip.com.

Energy auditors and modelers interested in learning more about EA-QUIP are encouraged to contact AEA for access to a demo account to determine if EA-QUIP will meet their particular building types and program requirements. After a demo period, AEA licenses EA-QUIP by charging a fee for each building modeled. There is a discount given for audits performed in EA-QUIP for the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). AEA provides technical training webinars and other energy modeling training opportunities. Interested organizations should inquire via the email link below.

Contact Information for EA-QUIP

Are you are interested in acquiring EA-QUIP and/or EA-QUIP Training for your organization?  Contact El Niang at eaquipsupport@aea.us.org to set up a demo account, request additional building models for your account, and for additional information.


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