EPA Portfolio Manager for Benchmarking NYC Buildings

With support from NYSERDA, AEA has updated this course – first developed as a custom course for the City of New York – and produced it as a free, online training video with 13 modules that individuals can take at their convenience at their own computers.

Take the complete course or take the modules you need to refresh your understanding of how to use Portfolio Manager software and get the most out of the benchmarking process for your building(s).

Those in other regions who are interested in learning how to use Portfolio Manager may also benefit from this training video.

About the original benchmarking course: AEA offered this course in person from December 2010 through August 2012 to assist those responsible for buildings covered by New York City’s benchmarking law in learning how to benchmark their properties. Energy service providers, energy managers, building management companies, owner operators and others participated in the classes which covered common benchmarking standards and data collection protocols; instructed participants in how to use the Portfolio Manager to identify energy and money saving opportunities; and provided hands-on practice entering data into the EPA Portfolio Manager.

About New York City’s benchmarking law: New York City’s Local Law 84 requires all owners of buildings or sets of buildings sharing the same block and lot larger than 50,000 square feet to benchmark their buildings using the EPA’s free, online benchmarking tool, “Portfolio Manager.” The law went into effect in May, 2011.

Con Edison maintains a portal for its customers needing to provide utility consumption data for benchmarking.  If your building is located in Con Edison service territory, click here. for Con Edison’s comprehensive user guide to the portal.


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