Passive House at AEA

Since 2012, AEA has been training and supporting contractors and designers to enable them to deliver projects that meet the high performance requirements of the Passive House Standard. 

The Certified Passive House Tradesperson course

In cooperation with the Passive House Academy, AEA provides the Certified Passive House Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT) course at its Passive House and Installer Training Laboratory located at AEA’s Energy Management Training Center in the Bronx, New York City.  

The course is designed for experienced contractors and installers who need to learn about the materials used for passive house construction, and want hands-on experience applying the rigorous installation and detailing techniques required to achieve the demanding requirements for certification under the Passive House Standard.

Many techniques learned in this course are recognized as best practices for installers on any retrofit or new construction project for which maximizing energy savings is a goal. The knowledge and skills participants gain are easily applied to all Passive House projects. The class prepares students to take the examination for internationally recognized Certified Passive House Tradesperson credential from the Passive House Institute in Germany. 

Design professionals responsible for specifying and overseeing passive house construction jobs also benefit from this course, which helps them to more easily inspect and assess work underway at the job site.

This course, developed by the Passive House Academy, is taught by expert instructors who hold the CPHT certification and have direct experience in multiple Passive House projects.

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We continue to see strong demand from contractors including both home builders and renovators and contractors working on multifamily and commercial projects. 

The Certified Passive House Consultant/Designer course

This  class is organized and delivered in the United States by the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN). Registered Architects and licensed Professional Engineers who take and pass the certification exam become Certified Passive House Designers.  Those with other educational backgrounds who pass the exam become Certified Passive House Consultants. 

AEA’s Nick Young is an NAPHN-approved trainer delivering CPHC/D training to interested professionals.  Interested professionals may learn about upcoming Consultant courses on the NAPHN website

AEA Passive House Consulting, Mentoring and Quality Control Services

AEA’s Passive House Designers and Consultants assist developers of new multifamily passive house construction projects to achieve their goals. Most recently, AEA was the Passive House and energy consultant on the HANAC Corona Senior Residence, a 68-unit affordable housing project currently awaiting Passive House certification.

AEA’s Certified Passive House Tradespersons have direct experience installing components for multiple passive house projects in New York. They have mentored and delivered design assurance, measurement and verification services, and quality control inspections of contractor work on Passive House projects in New York City and Chicago.  Numerous AEA construction managers, crew leaders, installers, trainers, auditors and analysts have earned the Certified Passive House Tradesperson credential.

AEA’s Certified Passive House Designers and Consultants on staff at AEA’s New York and California offices can provide consulting and modeling for developers of new or existing building projects pursuing Passive House or EnerPHit certification.  We have extensive experience as energy consultants to hundreds of existing building retrofit and high performance new construction projects.  

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