NY Clean Heat Initiative

Local law 43 of 2010 implements a phase-out of high-sulfur fuel oils or those high in particulate emissions in a series of stages tied to renewal time frames for boiler permits. Buildings that burn #4 or #6 residual heating oil will need to convert to a cleaner-burning oil or an alternative fuel type that complies with emissions standards contained in the law.  In many buildings this will require adaptations to or replacement of portions of the heating plant.  Oil to gas conversion is one way to respond to these requirements.  AEA can help you navigate the complicated oil to gas conversion process.

Prior to the Clean Heat Initiative, our technical services staff began working in cooperation with the office of the Bronx Borough President to implement a pilot project targeting buildings burning #6 or #4 oil in order to reduce harmful emissions and better manage their energy use.  AEA has completed the first project under this pilot, overseeing the implementation of the conversion from #4 oil to firm gas and leveraging  weatherization and Con Edison funds to provide energy efficiency upgrades to supplement the Borough President’s funding support for the oil-to-gas conversion of this 44 unit affordable housing  building on 159th Street in the Bronx.   This low income HDFC building has been in full gas operation since April, with cleaner combustion flue gases released to the environment and saving thousands of dollars for residents.  AEA is working with the Bronx Borough President’s office to extend this model to several other projects within the next year.

AEA assists owners and managers of 5-75 unit buildings New York City and Westchester that participate in Con Edison’s Oil-to-Gas Conversion program to help them in identify contractors that are approved to participate in Con Edison’s Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program, permitting them to access program incentives for gas energy efficiency measures once their properties are converted to firm gas accounts


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