Benchmarking and NYC Local Law 84

Since 2011, owners of  “covered buildings” in New York City (generally, those over 50,000 square feet) have been required to benchmark the buildings’ energy and water use each year by the following May 1, using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Portfolio Manager” software and upload their results to the City ‘s Department of Finance.  Building owners or property managers enter the benchmarking information themselves or hire consultants to perform the service.

The easiest way to determine whether you must benchmark and report your building’s energy use is to see whether it appears on the “covered buildings list” maintained by the City.

Building owners can use the information they obtain from tracking the energy use of properties in their portfolios to more effectively manage building operations and evaluate installing improvements to inefficient equipment. Upgrades to EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager in 2013 made this process easier with stronger, more graphically intuitive reporting tools to assist owners in tracking and managing energy use.

Multifamily buildings that have been benchmarked in Portfolio Manager receive an ENERGY STAR Score from the EPA comparing their energy use with properties with similar characteristics.  In this way,  information about a building’s energy consumption that was once private now enters directly into decisions of renters and buyers of real estate in the marketplace.

AEA services and training

Beginning in 2010, at the request of the City, AEA offered in-person and online video courses on how to use Portfolio Manager. Following the software upgrade we  offered webinar instruction to bring energy professionals and property managers up-to-date.  We can assist firms seeking custom training for employees on the updated software.

AEA can also assist buildings that have not yet complied with this year’s May 1 benchmarking deadline, or those wishing to update or correct or add to their previously recorded building information in light of new options available in the updated tool.

Whatever approach you choose, AEA can help you make the most of the opportunity with benchmarking training for your employees or by providing the service directly. If you would like to schedule training, please contact Adam Romano at  If you are interested in benchmarking services for your building, contact us at 718.292.6733.

Use the links below for additional resources about New York City’s Local Law 84:

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