NYC Local Law 87

This New York City law is one component of a set of municipal laws passed in 2009 that  together constitute the City’s Greener, Greater Buildings laws. Local Law 87 requires the owner of a “covered building” (any building 50,000 gross square feet or larger) to file an Energy Efficiency Report (EER) on its building systems that incorporates the building’s energy benchmarking results and provides results of an energy audit, and a retro-commissioning process to be conducted every ten years to optimize the energy efficiency of building systems by repairing defects, cleaning and maintaining the equipment.

The law establishes a schedule of deadlines for buildings to submit this information based on the last digit of each property’s tax block number, and contains provisions that take into account various building types, energy related certifications for new buildings, and previous audits or energy efficiency work in the building.  2013 is the first year of deadlines under Local Law 87 , for all covered buildings whose tax block number ends with “3.”

The City of New York has compiled a series of useful links to learn more about how to comply with Local law 87 on its PlaNYC Green Buildings & Energy Efficiency website. Among these resources are:

  • a copy of the full text of the law
  • a detailed summary of its provisions
  • the Buildings Department rule detailing how to perform energy audits and retro-commissioning.

Readers are also referred to the Urban Green Council’s Local Law 87 Compliance Checklist.

AEA has been providing energy audits to assess the condition and operation of installed systems in New York City multifamily buildings for over 20 years. Our team has the requisite credentials to provide both audits and retrocommissioning, as well as extensive experience developing specifications and performing construction oversight of system upgrades in multifamily buildings. We are well qualified to assist your New York City properties to perform assessments, and to guide you through other steps that may be needed to meet the requirements of Local Law 87.

If an energy audit was performed on a covered building you own or manage within the past few years, you may be advantaged by starting the building on the path toward “early compliance” rather than waiting for the year in which the building is legally required to comply with Local law 87.  Our technical staff is well versed in the requirements for early compliance and can assist you in evaluating this option for any such properties.

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